3 steps you can use in Combining Content Marketing, Conferences & Viral Content.

Combining content marketing ,viral content and conferences has received much attention recently.This is because,these three sectors are known to facilitate for great marketing skills.The strategy is particularly useful when you engage in an online conferencing.
Let’s look at the three steps to combine the above mentioned strategies.

Step 1: Cultivate the habit of creating your content in advance.

Never take the process of organizing for a conference for granted.Many people are known to wait until the last minute when they start working on the preparation.Regardless of the stress and the straining associated with the preparation,it is advisable to make early preparations.This will give you ample time to ensure everything is in good condition.

What to do in this step;

• Come up with content, survey or report to be distributed at the event.
• The topics should be in line with the show agenda and match ideas to your content.
• Co-create content with brands, speakers and influences ready for distribution at the event.
• Produce multiple forms of content in line with particular speaking sessions, topics and industry trends.
• Share insight and content before the show and utilize social media as an anchor for your show content and distribution.
• Creativity will pay . The better the content, the more engaging you are – and the more chance your sales team has of converting.

Step 2: Engage and Share Content.

How do you do this?

• Every topic , every session and every speaker is to be well researched and the planning of content and incentives to carry around this.
• Plan and time social media activity and sharing of your content and assets around specific sessions.
• Engage with speakers and attendees before the show and share your content ideas in advance.
• Promote your content via competitions, surveys, giveaways well in advance of the show to build social media traction.
• Liaise closely with your sales team and map content delivery to attendees, key clients and key targets as part of demand generation campaigns.

Step 3: Capitalize.

The best way to do it.

• Ensure that content creation and distribution is at the heart of your conference and demand generation activities.
• Ensure you are clear on your team targets and how content plugs into the sales funnel.
• Utilize all inbound media channels before, during and after the show to promote your content and tie this to demand generation and automation techniques.
• Be creative with post show content and collaborate with attendees after the show – this can take the form of speaker interviews and follow ups, survey results from a show, blog post summaries, viral video content, photo sharing, or competition follow ups.

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