Paid, earned, and owned media

You must have come across the concept of paid, earned, and owned media. There is no way you can be unaware of this concept as a marketer. What are these? You may be asking. This is the foundation for all online marketing and is traded across the globe by all the stakeholders in the field.

Let’s look at these concepts one by one.

What is Paid, Owned, Earned? The term simply refers to the control or dominance of a brand or business over the channels it appears.The appearance can be in terms of articles,or any other content posted.
What I need to remind you is that the main purpose of marketing is to reach the client. So your channel must by all means be a customer friendly channel.In order to make your earnings you need to create content centered on the needs of your clients or the target group. You can only do so after doing a good job of determining what most people are looking for on the internet.

The key is to understand what it is they enjoy sharing and creating, so you can then place something of interest in their laps. And that’s where a curated page of their ‘stuff’ can really help you paint the picture.

That won’t help you get “close” of course. You can do that in many ways without fear of a restraining order!

Instead think about:

• Promoting their content
• Commenting on their posts
• Contributing to their Facebook Pages etc
• Attend their events
• Buy their products or services
• Hire them!
• Send them referrals

Owned Links

Owned media require a slightly different approach as it constitutes the platforms you and you alone have full control over. In reality even your own website and blog though should have an element of “earned” as the integration of social commenting opens it up to the wider advocates.

• Who are your audience: Using existing research data, social data insight, analytics, keyword research, what they are currently sharing via social and eventual persona development.
• Come up with the idea: Have specific brainstorm sessions for: each persona, every content type you want to use, semantic phrases and niches, every platform (blog, microsites, tumblr etc) you aim to include in the strategy.
• Ensure that the content flow freely: Work on how to ensure consistency of delivery and that what you deliver has variation to ensure it is engaging and retaining.
• How do you plan that content: Pull everything together into an editorial plan.

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