Forest City Receives Accolade as a Global Model Of Coastal Ecological Environment Protection

In the recent 18th Annual Global Forum on Human Settlements, Forest City Malaysia was once again recognized for its unique and captivating approach to construction ecosystem and its consistent dedication to environmental protection throughout the city’s development and operation. This recognition came in the form of the “Global Model Of Coastal Ecological Environment Protection” award. The Forest City project, developed by Country Garden, signifies a harmonious path forward for urban development and natural conservation, offering a blueprint for the future co-evolution of city operations and environmental protection.

The Global Forum on Human Settlements, an annual event of significant global interest, focuses on sustainable urban development and living environments. It has a widespread influence worldwide. A highlight of the forum is the Sustainable City and Human Settlements Awards (SCAHSA), a prestigious international accolade founded in 2005 and supported by entities such as the United Nations Environment Program. The SCAHSA recognizes outstanding contributions to building inclusive, safe, and sustainable cities and human settlements. The repeated recognition of Forest City, having won the award eight times, underscores its leadership in sustainable urban development.

This year’s theme for the Sustainable City and Human Settlements Awards (SCAHSA) is “Green, Fair and Smart Urban Transformation: Synergistically Accelerating 1.5°C Goal and SDGs”. Forest City perfectly embodies this theme by adhering to green and environmentally friendly principles in its urban development and construction.

Since its inception in 2014, Forest City has steadfastly made green ecological development the cornerstone to its urban construction. From the planting of seagrasses and mangroves to the establishment of conservation areas, Forest City’s practical actions in ecological construction demonstrate a strong commitment to environmental protection. The project collaborates with environmental organizations and international schools to raise public awareness of environmental conservation, including initiatives like the establishment of a Forest City Eco Museum. Additionally, the use of satellite remote sensing technology for regular monitoring of surrounding mangroves, in partnership with professional teams for mangrove nurturing, simplifies ecological protection efforts. The phased and comprehensive measures of the Forest City project truly make it an ecological city.

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