What are some of the Common Link Building Problems?

In the past, link building was done solely to increase traffic on one’s site. Due to this stand many sites were slammed with huge penalties.Below are some of the penalties passed to the web owners;

1. Article Directories;

On April 24th 2012 article directories received the largest slam in terms of penalty as the initial Penguin release.

2. Low-Quality Directories:

Although there is no clear indication that any site received any form of punishment from a penguin release,it was clear that it was impossible to engage any other search engine other than Yahoo directory,DMOZ,Best of the web
as well as Business .Com.

3. Lower Relevance Guest Posts:

Although it is a good idea to post on guest postings or guest blogs,many people do not know how to control the amount of postings to be done per blog.Many end up overdoing it.The controlling thing is to ensure that you post only topics that are relevant to your site.

4. Low Relevance/Accuracy Infographics:

The only challenge posed by using inforgrafics is the temptation to focus on quantity rather than quality.Inforgraphs are cool to look at and are good at promoting web sites.

5. Paid Guest Posts:

To avoid being penalized,ensure that your link posts are as simple and clear as possible.

6. Anchor Text:

If you are not aware,Google may be forced to take repremandatory action against any marketer using too much rich anchor text in their backlink. Back links should be used at the resource box and not anywhere else.

7. Doorway Pages:

These are small pages that are mainly used for the purposes of increasing traffic to your site only to lead them to another site.This is a big mistake and can attract a penalty.

8. International Sites :

More broadly, ask yourself: does that international link has any relevance to your brand at all? If you market a product or service solely in the U.S., why would you have any international links? It just doesn’t make sense.

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