Web Designing : Large Photo Backgrounds

Always word’s doesn’t play very important role in communication. When there were no languages, peoples were drawing arts of their culture, religion on stones, sculpture! So, it means 1 picture is enough to show a scenario which is tried to explain by writing thousands word regarding that scenario.

A website background with large photos is more popular than using the typography. Do you know that, you didn’t remember text for more time, but if your website background is having effective picture, then user will remember your website. Large photo backgrounds provide upper hand marketing to websites.

You can easily reflect your business logic towards the visitors with using large photo background website. Photo manipulations are needed for proper display of the photo when website is loading on any platform at any screen resolution. Simple unique background shows intent of website and business. You can implement stunning visual effect through this!

eCommerce sites, restaurant sites, photographers’ portfolios, web design agencies etc. business types can use this large photo backgrounds approach to catch user’s attraction. To implement this technique You can use only one image on website background depending on the category or you can also use multiple pictures with some motion effect between them. You may need to find good photographer, who will snap the high quality background for you. You should use best resolution images with compressing them to avoid slow loading of your website. Don’t use too dark images, if you want to use dark images, and then use font color appropriately so that it will not hinder the readability of your main content.

You can simply create these backgrounds with this sample code snippet:

body {

             background: #ffffff url(background.png) no-repeat center top;

             padding: 0;

  margin: 0;

  width: 100%;


While designing your website, your aspects should be : Grab user’s attention, Communicate your message through background image only, create visual impression of your site on visitors mind. Using large photo background is obviously related and dependent on your website’s context. If your website is of news website then you should not use background images, while if your site’s context is entertainment then you can effectively implement large screen backgrounds.



  1. You can showcase your art & creativity.
  2. You can make your website more users friendly.
  3. Expose your products with eye catching features.


  1. Loading time of your site.
  2. It may hinder readability.
  3. Your design may not be good responsive.


You see the world in images, through eyes. You see dreams so, you imagine the real thing in mind. So if your website background is best your website’s user experience will be rocking. You have to test your photographic background on lots of screen resolutions and monitor sizes, on browsers, which is not easy task. If you don’t want to compromise your graphics, then go ahead! Use large photo backgrounds but implement this properly. Always use planning while designing your web, add only those features which are really needed for your business logic and which matches with your website context! That’s all for today..

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