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         As you know designing means problem solving, so your job is not to decorate your site. Visual designing becoming popular day by day in web designer’s web, You are representing or reflecting your business through your website. Flat design is simple style user interface which have absence of 3D representation (features like embossing, shadows, feathers and gradients). Trying to accumulate depth on digital screen is prohibited here. This is quick type of design. Using bold shapes & bright colors you can make your website crisp as well as clean! Icons, logos like each element’s existence improves your website quality. Use key words, which will help to users for navigating through your website. Big brands like facebook, Microsoft, Google are using flat designing approach.

If your design & layout is simple then your code for website will also be optimized and it will be easy to debug your site if any error occurs in functionality. With photographic images it works very well. Your website will really shine if you properly play with colors and layout designs. Apps are getting more advantage of flat designs because it is clean and easy to implement with creativity. Please refer my article “Simplicity in Web design” which will help you to identify importance of simplicity. Flat designing approach uses simplicity so, it is affordable.

A flat or minimal design looks smart with bright, vibrant, bold color choices. Your text should be basic and concise. If you are using flat designing then forget about decoration of your website. You should focus on typography. Keep you user interface and UI elements simple while going with flat designing. This style is not boring you apply properly flat design to your site or projects. Through images messages gets conveyed quickly. To approach flat design technique on your website your website purpose should be based on idea of simplicity. Flat design uses gradients as well as drop shadows.

If you are going with flat design then design every aspect with a minimalistic and user-centric perspective to ensure a unified interface. Design revolution is happening because of successful usability of flat design. Check you flat design with skeuomorphic web design[Skeuomorphic means, it is a physical ornament or design on an object copied from a form of the object when made from another material or by other techniques.]. We had definitely bridged our connection between tangible and non-tangible. I have read a comment of user which describes flat designing as “If skeuomorphism has a taste for imitating real-life objects, flat design is not shying away from its digital roots, somehow stripping design to the bone.”


“Design in the absence of content is not design, its decoration.” A quote from Jeffery Zeldman, tells that while planning about your website designing use advanced and enhanced technologies but also analyze your business purpose and requirements.  Overdesigning creates confusion in mind so make it pretty. There should be balance in needed or imagined look and purpose of website. This designing style works finely for mobile apps and displays, and day by day flat designing is becoming popular. Do research properly about new techniques & take your decisions with simplicity and creativity in mind. That’s all for today!

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