Simplicity in Web Designing

Do you look @Facebook, Twitter with designer’s approach, do they include Flash, Heavy components in, they are playing million dollars game just backgrounds, text boxes & buttons. If you balance simplicity and imagery then your design will be the best.


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If your design is simple, then don’t think that your website is weak or poor. If you want to remove overhead of maintenance of unnecessary added components then exactly add those techniques only which are needed for your site. eCommerece website such as PayPal, also uses simple designs. Balancing of your design is very important and it is difficult.

Identify what you need & destroy rest



Peoples usually try to use many widgets and designs in the website without proper planning or creating visualization in mind. Try working out a plan that highlights the essential tasks for your site and step by step go ahead.

Choose components properly

The components should be chosen properly so that it complements your design. If you are unable to use any technique in proper way, then it will affect your site, your visitors. While adding new technology to your site, you should think on ‘whether it will increase user experience or not?’Some time you may require heavy components, flash, animation. If you are perfect with your business logic, then only do designing by following your business logic.

Choose simple solution for your problem



If there is need of JavaScript then only add it in your coding, otherwise HTML coding is sufficient. Provide good navigation facility for your users.

Website should load ASAP

Your website should be responsive, accessible & it should load quickly. Never put heavier components in forefront. Keep them away from real business web pages. You can keep some white space in your design. Too many pages, clicks bore users. So, prefer your user’s suggestion, design your site according to your crowd. Your content should be more scannable. If your designing plan is simple, then your site will built quickly.



Your main content should have some knowledge in it. If content is worth important to your users they will be always roaming on your site for adhering to new knowledge and techniques. If your site is of Entertainment category then you should include movies, music tracks, flash & animations with effective designing components. But, if your website is related with your business keep it simple and clean. Keep in mind that your web site & designing represents your company face to millions of users of internet.
• If your website have professional look then only customer will be interactive continuously with you.

• Simple contents like text and lighter photos should be rapidly downloadable.

• if your site having less download time and better keyword results then Search engines will take your site on head.

• We usually scan website, didn’t read word by word, so generally each human likes simple design.

• It takes less space on the server and bandwidth, thus lowering the cost of hosting a website.

• Simple web pages takes less space of the server and bandwidth.

• It will be easier to understand and interpret simple design for browser.

       Always keep in mind that simple code is easier to debug. You can easily catch bugs, if any. You can use CSS style sheets and html code to carry out proper optimization of your code. Your backend should be as simple as your frontend. Your sites functionality should be maintained, so accordingly try new techniques.

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