SEO Link Building : The expert’s view 2013.

Neilpatel the founder of KISSMetrics is one of the best SEO link building experts today. In an interview conducted at the start of the year 2013 he highlighted different points on how making link building a pleasurable thing to do this year.

In this discussion he expounds on the best ways of conducting profitable link building. He also corrects some of the wrong ideas about link building. The future of this venture is as clear as crystal as these experts details what should be done to meet the demand.
Before delving into what the discussion was all about, it is good to remind ourselves the four elements of link building. They are;

• Velocity

• Diversity,

• Quantity and

• Quality.

The interview shows that Neilpatel is of the opinion that quality should take the center stage in SEO.Unlike years past,search engine optimization has moved to a higher level.tactics which were used then are no longer applicable these days.In the past link builders and SEO experts increased traffic by pumping a lot of stuff on the search engine sites.Quality was not the issue.quantity took the center stage.

The more material you kept running on the search engine, the higher your site ranked.Nowadays it is not the amount of stuff you post that counts.The content counts very much in terms of quality.

there are online software these days dedicated to ensure that your stuff is as high standard if it is to be accepted by the search engine tools.If what you intent to post is going to be accepted,then you have to sweat it out until you produce good quality work.

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