Using the Production Possibilities Curve to Targeting The Over 65.

Targeting those who are within the 65 year bracket has never been easy. For reasons yet to be revealed, people in this age bracket find it difficult to do online shopping. For more than fifteen years to date, people in this age category never engage in online investments or purchasing.

For quite a long time, people within the lower age bracket have been associated with online marketing. What many investors don’t get is that the production possibility curve indicates that a bigger percentage of consumers fall in the 65 and above age bracket. Most of these marketers are busy engaging the younger generation while ignoring a fertile ground to invest in.

Many online marketers have come to appreciate this group of consumers and are doing whatever it takes to do business with them. There are many articles on the internet meant to entice such people to visit online shops. Statistical projections in the USA show that by the end of the year 2030 the percentage of those within the 65 and above years of age would have climbed to 70% from 30%in the year 2010.

The interesting thing is that people in this age are well versed with internet marketing though a few of them are interested in doing their purchasing online. Statistics show that 1|3 off of the population comprise people in this age group. Many investors have started to cash in on these people.

The ground is ripe and it will take only a short period of time and resources to do this. Most of these people are already searching for information on various products on the internet. This is a good point to start for those wishing to increase their client base. The best way to entice these people is to write articles based on what they are searching for in the internet.

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