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Recently there was an alert statement stating that your account could be accessed by anybody who once had control over that account. Your former employers, contractors or consultants could easily do this at will.

If this alert was anything to go by, your Google webmaster tools could be used to tamper with your settings without your knowledge. Issues like deindex urls , disavow link lists or the entire site, redirects urls, geolocation alterations could be affected if any tom and dick got access to your Analytic accounts.

David Naylor in response to this alert confirmed that his company had received all its old accounts. This scenario has come about as a result of a Google security flaw. The flaw has made it possible for people to gain access to accounts not really belonging to them.
Some site owners have discovered that their sites had been infiltrated into without their permission. Could this have been the reason? Former employees can easily confuse your data should they get the slightest opportunity to do so leave alone have full log in details for your accounts.

The point I am making here is that by allowing access details to people who should not have them because they are not the rightful custodians of such accounts is to invite confusion to people’s sites.
Attention site owners: former employees, consultants, or contractors may now have access to your Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics accounts. A Google security flaw has restored access to users who no longer should have that access.

Well for those who have fallen victims of this scam, there is no need to worry. All you need to do is visit your Google Webmaster Account and switch of all users who might have been registered or given access to these accounts. This will give them blackout t your accounts hence you will be assured that your settings can remain safe until you decide to adjust them. Hey! don’t just stay there. Go and confirm that your account is safe.

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