Revolution of Internet

The Internet is bringing a revolution along with it. Teenagers like 12 year young are also now coding websites, producing films and building networks through social media. We shouldn’t be biased and just look at the brighter side. We should be more critical in thinking about its impacts. The internet has changed the world in so many ways, the distances, barriers and borders no longer apply simply because of internet, communication and businesses can be conducted beyond borders in a way that has never been possible before, Students can take classes online thousands of miles away from their schools.



Internet is drastically altering the way business that is conducted and affect every industry on the planet, primarily by empowering consumers in ways unimaginable before the advent of the new computer technology. Today peoples prefer online shopping & work from home opportunities.


A big concern was a “Y2K” bug. As early as 1997 it had been officially determined that many computers, from those operated in agencies of the federal government to those found in individual homes, might not “recognize” the year 2000. The result would be the crashing of systems everywhere from Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) to electrical grids and hospital equipment to the possible detonation of atomic weapons. Most Americans, however, took the whole thing in stride but the problem was not serious that much.


By the end of 1999 American colleges and universities offered more than six thousand accredited courses through the Internet. That number will likely grow as for-profit companies enter the market, many affiliating with accredited colleges and universities.


Among the most alarming prospects to accompany the widespread use of the Internet is the invasion of privacy, which might include the theft of identity. All that is required is someone’s name and Social Security number. Financial institutions such as banks and mortgage companies, HMOs and other health-care providers, and departments of motor vehicles are the most common businesses and agencies to use Social Security numbers to identify customers and clients.


In the 1990s computer and surveillance technology outpaced ethics and law. As with other technological innovations, especially those such as the Internet that have the potential to alter fundamental social arrangements and relations, a vast array of social, political, and ethical questions will have to be addressed and answered to ensure that the instrument will be put to the most wholesome and beneficent uses possible.



Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is remote access to software and/or hardware via the Internet. Two Internet technologies predicted by many leading pundits to be of paramount importance in the coming year are social media and cloud computing. Cloud computing is changing the ways in which business is being conducted, allowing small businesses to compete with much larger ones. Internet of Things is also seems important in recent years.


The Internet is like a big nerve center that still has to build a smaller nerve system that connects to all the supporting functions of our lives. So, Internet will go through the revolution phases, we have to see new changes, adapting new technologies and enjoying our life!!

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