Cloud Computing : Future of Web

Cloud computing is one of the most researches going & widely talking subject on web & in labs. Some says it as “future of the web“; it is an infrastructure to enable data storage and achieving processing to outside the device such as personal computer or laptop. In these days, People prefer to store their data online, for secure & backup purposes.  Personal clouds data storage keeps data safe & makes it available anywhere; you just need a computing device and an Internet connection.


The biggest concerns about cloud computing are security and privacy. Some users are not comfortable to store their valuable data to third party.  The issue of security & privacy becomes bigger when companies wish to keep their sensitive information on cloud servers. While most service vendors would ensure that their servers are kept free from viral infection and malware, it is still a concern considering the fact that a number of users from around the world are accessing the server.


Cloud service vendors have developed password protected accounts, security servers through which all data being transferred must pass and data encryption techniques for servers to be more secure. Users should not depend too heavily on these services. Cloud computing is becoming more popular in that it is capable of allowing for spikes in traffic, offers a broader range of exposure, and provides many amenities not available in the other option.


Although cloud server is a shared server, it balances a higher load, easily expands websites based on individual needs, and provides hardware upgrades on a regular basis. The cost is directly dependent on the amount of computer power required which often fluctuates widely in a new business.


Cloud Architectures are designs of software applications that use Internet-accessible on-demand services. Applications built on Cloud Architectures are such that the underlying computing infrastructure is used only when it is, draw the necessary resources on-demand perform a specific job, then  relinquish  the  unneeded  resources and  often  dispose  themselves after the job is done. While in operation the application scales up or down elastically based on resource needs. Cloud starts with a revolutionary, but now rather old and familiar technology that is virtualization. It allows you to install an operating system on a generic layer overlaying the hardware.


Cloud Servers, Some of the important features are:

  • Highly Scalable & Available.
  • Fully Redundant Enterprise Architecture.
  • Resource balanced for optimized performance.
  • Resource bursting to handle traffic peaks.


According to a survey released by ‘CloudPassage’, the leading cloud server security provider.

      ‘The necessary steps to effectively secure cloud servers are not taken by IT professionals’. Cloud storage system has advantages but it also has downsides and involves risk. Selecting the right provider for your given situation is critical.

Consider the following:

  • Cost
  • Usability & Reputation
  • Security & privacy

There are some security & privacy issues with the cloud servers but if you choose right service providers you can store your data safely. In today’s life you have to depend up to some extent on third parties.  So, you have to study all aspects of service what you want to use.

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