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We all know that, Internet has been constantly and rapidly evolving, and the peoples always want to transmit more elaborate sorts of content over the Internet. For this requirements animation, flash animation and then GIF images came into picture. The main advantages of GIF animation are that it is incredibly simple to work with and it is automatically recognizable to most Web browsers. GIFs are indexed color images. That means that a GIF file contains a limited color palette that is saved with the image. If you use fewer colors, your file size will be less!

In 1878, Edward Muybridge showed what a horse looks like in full gallop by producing a series of timed pictures. Then he put them on a zoetropic wheel, spun it around, and produced a tiny looped video. It was the world’s first animated GIF.

An animated GIF works in the same way as traditional cartoon animation. The image file actually has multiple images stored inside of it, called frames. The frames are displayed in order, and can give the appearance of motion in the same way an animated cartoon does.

Animated GIFs can be created using a number of different programs. Ulead® System’s GIF Animator is an older program, but is one of the most popular and also considered one of the easiest to use. Photoshop® Elements (PE) can be used to make an animated GIF, and has the advantage that PE’s layers can be set to act as GIF frames. GIFs allow single-bit transparency, which means when you are creating your image, you can specify one color to be transparent. This allows the background colors of the web page to show through the image.

There are various alternatives to the GIF image format. Interlacing can be used in the Portable Network Graphics (PNG) format to create very basic animations, i.e. GIFs can also be interlaced, which is a way of saving a graphic so that it loads progressively — first a blurry, low-detail version is loaded, and then successive layers of detail are added.


It is Index based on 256 no image information lost.

Transparency is allowed in GIF.

Interlacing Download

Early web browser support for GIF.

Multiple frames for animation used in GIF.



.GIF is company dependant, owner is now charging for usage

Because of this open source PNG started.

 gif images

Optimizing Gif Images:

Some GIF optimization software includes a feature that compares each frame to the previous frame and discards any pixels that do not change across frames. With this feature you can significantly reduce the size of an animation that includes repeating elements. Keep this in mind when you are designing your animation; the more pixels that change from frame to frame, the larger your animation is going to be.


1. Easy to make GIF animation.

2. Small in file size for simple animation.

3. Load quickly on browser.

4. Easy to use in web pages.

5. No plugins needed.



1. No interaction that is available in flash.

2. No Sound.

3. Harder to make more complex animations.

4. Hard to modify once created, Animations are static.

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