Oculus is on the verge of launching new Virtual Reality Headset

At last the happiest day has come for all the people who love gaming and pursue it as a passion. After enormous rumors and tired anticipation of their upcoming product, Oculus VR has eventually taken further step on the way to releasing virtual technology to the general public. On the way of doing that Oculus VR has shown a latest prototype having higher quality image along with the scope of more immerse users in the digital world. The company claimed that it had already developed a newer prototype named Crescent Bay. This has not yet been ready to be available to the wider public. But this device has amazing display technology with integrated headphones. It also has the ability to track a player by turning itself in to a complete circle. Facebook has already agreed to purchase this new device at the cost of $2 billion in March next year; making it a crucial step for Oculus Company. Oculus is now preparing for the release of the ‘Rift’ handset to general people which has been expected in sometime the next year.

CEO of Oculus, Brendan Iribe attended the Oculus developers conference where he said in his keynote speech, “We’re really sprinting toward the customer version. Our mission is to transform gaming, entertainment and the way we interact”. But it will not be playing alone in the market. Competition is higher here as other companies are making competing devices like Sony’s PlayStation video game console division has made a similar type product called ‘Project Morpheus’, Google along with Technical Illusions are making products on their own. There are also these types of products that are being produced in other company labs; but none is aware of those as they are not being public yet. Considering this, Oculus’s Chief Scientist Michael Abrash said, “There’s a full-on race to establish the next platform”. He also mentioned, “The killer app for VR hasn’t been created yet. Come along on the adventure of a lifetime as we make science-fiction real. I believe sharing virtual spaces will ultimately be the most powerful and widely used aspect of VR,” Mr. Abrash said. “Imagine anyone on the face of the earth being able to be anywhere, with anyone, doing anything, whenever they want”.
Oculus had introduced its first headset in 2002 naming ‘Rift’. Initial version was prepared by Palmer Luckey who is the founder of Oculus. Till now Oculus had sold near about 70,000 pieces of its last prototype since the first order in March. They are expecting it to be triple in almost no time.

So it is a great scope for game lover fellows as they will be enjoying devices of immense quality which will be competing with each other. As Oculus has identified the room for severe improvement in this sector, it will be unwise to think that other rival companies will sit idle and let Oculus enjoy extensive market share.

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