iOS 8: 5 Features Worth Mentioning

Apple has recently published its latest mobile operating system, iOS 8. Many users who still are comfortable with the previous version; do not want to convert in to this new one. Similarity to the last one is one of their most common logic behind it. Though from outside, iOS 8; Apple’s latest mobile operating system looks more or less the same of iOS 7, the previous version. But inside the surface, it is flooded with new and exciting features that will make you feel proud to use one of those. Now let’s take a look what are the special features that iOS 8 has stored in it for you:

  • Notifications at Ease: iOS 8 serves you one of its best parts; which is interactive notifications. You will have the easy way to respond to your text message, calendar event, email, reminders within related apps from the notification banner that will come up right at the top of your screen. So it seems to be a pretty convenient way to respond to all of your instant incoming notifications without hampering the current app that you are using.
  • Monitor your Battery: Using a very handy tool, you can now look for those particular apps that have been eating most of your battery life, giving a certain percentage of it. To find out which apps you are ought to close when you are not using; simply go to General > Usage > Battery Usage. Thus you can save your battery life as well as add a few hours to it in iOS 8.
  • Camera: In the recent times, selfy is an inevitable part and parcel of your daily social and fun life. With iOS 8, selfies have become much more easier to capture. There is an extra app in camera that handles the timer; which allows you to get 3 or 10 seconds before you pose for the right scene. In this way, you will never to need to take the handset in your hand to take selfies!
  • Shortcut for key persons: iOS 8 gives you the fluent way to communicate with people that you are intimate with. By pressing the ‘Home’ button twice, it will not take you to the websites that you have kept open rather all the faces of people will pop up right in the screen whom you have recently contacted. So iOS 8 makes it easy for you to interact with your peer groups via text, email, Facebook in no time. to get rid of this function, you need to simply go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Show in App Switcher and switch it of Off.
  • Multi Emailing: In iOS 8, you do not need to close one email in order to open another one. Emails are just like windows to you in this newest operating system. You just need to swipe the mail downward for minimizing it and then it will possible for you to open another email or even a few at once.

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