Kindle Voyage: An Exceptional e-reader by Amazon at $199

Amazon has come up with an exceptional product for particularly those who; as they say; ‘love to read’. Amazon is surely confident that there is a lot of room to cover for premium e-readers. Though the appeal of new books has not gone in to fade, but Amazon has introduced such a fine product of high quality and standard that people will be compelled to take this stunner device at their hands and start reading. The e-reader that they are providing is named the Kindle Voyage at the price of $199 only. The usual Kindle software has taken some new strong software tricks that are expected to be quite budget friendly.

This Kindle Voyage can easily be your 24X7 partner with you as it represents the high taste of yours. It is small, rectangular in size and also there is a beautiful, crisp E Ink screen up the front. Only at looking at it, anyone can say that this device is one of a kind. Its screen is flush with the body being no raised bezel there. Its component parts are as beautiful and magnificent as it looks. Its shell is made of matte magnesium just like Lenovo’s top of the line ThinkPads. Its front is made of chemically hardened glass so that how many times it gets dropped from your hand to the floor; you never have to experience any trouble using it.

Underneath the hardened glass, there is a Paperwhite display of next generation combining 300 pixels per an inch in a six inch panel. So reading endless texts and enjoying real images can never be better than this. In a nutshell, this is undoubtedly the best e-reader available so far. Even when you are watching complex images, you will be able to be hard pressed in order to spot an individual single pixel. And when it comes to the lighting factor, it should be admired highly. No other competitor has made such a smooth lighting system with this kind of sophisticated highest settings. The Kindle Voyage has the ability to adjust its front line light based on the surroundings you will have.

It is also amazingly light and thin with its 7.6 mm; which is just 0.1 mm thicker than an iPad Air. So it is safe to say that you will not get tired by holding this for hours and reading. Even if you get so, there is an Origami cover to act as a stand for the reading without touching.

Soon all the new software functions will be available in the latest Kindle as well as Kindle Paperwhite. Though it is only in the middle of its upgrades, you will have storage from 2 GB to 4 GB to begin with this e-reading device. With the Voyage, you can even turn the page without touching it; as there is a forced sensor that triggers ‘PagePress’ when it is needed. This fabulous device is coming this October in market. And you can pre-order it today.

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