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               Website design will be fun and it will draw your creativity outside to show to world, once you are familiar with the basics of designing. Usually you know that Web design is the creation of Web pages and sites using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other Web languages. If you will do planning and if you go step by step ahead then you will enjoy this world and your creativity will make others happy. If you’re ever uncertain about whether a source’s information is reputable, look for buzzwords, do self investigation !

Learning :)
Learning 🙂

What to learn in web design?

You can just become a good writer if you are updated with daily technology news and if you have basic knowledge. Marketing, Traffic generation, Information architecture, Graphic design, Production, Usability Copywriting etc. techniques you can learn self, if you implement your learning you will never forgot that thing in whole life.

Start with HTML and CSS. Your first task should be open notepad and write tags in <html> </html> then save it and test on your browser. Most of the websites are built using HTML, you can ensure it using view source click.  When you become familiar with HTML, go for CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), you can reuse this code multiple time on page, so it reduces time, CSS generally is used to improve font and style of your web pages text.

Now move to JavaScript. Here you will have to turn static variables to live elements. When you know basics of JavaScript such as using for validations, you can use it for enhanced ways. You can go through free online programs which will teach you to design the web, with their tutorials.

Most important tact is that if you are clear with basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, then open free blog or page on bloggers or word press or facebook landing pages etc. it is your platform where you should code their and after coding, check online what is the output of your code.

Keep in mind that site structure, alignment, typography, styling, navigation help, links and graphics plays important role in designing enhanced good looking acceptable website.

You can also use web editors to try practical web designing. There are some good free web development IDEs ,

For Linux : Kompozer, Aptana studio, BlueFish.

For Windows : Adobe Dreamwaver, Aptana studio (also for Mac).

Some of the online resources to learn web designing :

  1. W3Schools
  2. Webdesigntuts+
  3. Smashing Magazine
  4. Codecademy
  5. Treehouse
  6. HTML Dog


Some tips for developing creative and worthy web pages:

  • Adopt Iterative Designing approach to improve your Web Site, you should be consistent !
  • Keep simplicity in your code and design, so that you can self debug your code efficiently, if any bug founds.
  • Create innovative home page which should reflect your business logic on first view only.
  • You should follow scientific approach while designing your web site, if any technology is needed, then only add it else no need to waste your space, same for code !

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