Future of Online technology

        Alan Kay says ‘The best way to predict the future is to invent it’.. You know that Internet access is becoming simpler, easy, and more gadgets are getting online. Make predictions about things that will come to pass, not about things that will not come in picture. In these days computers are deciding which products to stock on shelves, performing legal discovery etc.

Embedded Internet, Internet of Things

The Internet started by connecting computers with sharing each other’s information. Now we connect various types of devices to each other. In today’s world computers are embedded in each object. Marketing world will also be transform, as consumers will be able to seamless access digital products from advertisements in the physical world.

The new trends in the years to come are two complementary technologies:

Near Field Communication (NFC): This allows for two-way data communication with nearby devices

Ultra-low power chips: They can harvest energy in the environment, which will put computable entities just about everywhere.

Future core networks will leverage IP over simple, super-fast optical core networks.

Identity Management

World-Wide Web has offered remote transactions for goods and services. Recently we have seen a rapid growth in the number of attacks on identity, since acquiring such information allows miscreants to commit fraud that is hard to detect, identity theft etc.


Energy saving and the Internet

Internet and all its services consume something on the order of 4% of the energy in the developed world. You can use internet to remove unnecessary external devices to your computers to reduce power consumption. The investment necessary to achieve this is relatively low, with what seems like a very big potential return.

Consumer Driven Computing

Now companies are trying to combine natural language processing (NLP) with huge Big Data systems in the cloud that we can access from anywhere. So, you will not require extra hardware, external devices and you will be accessing your favorite web service for long time, this will totally change marketing ways.

web future

Internet Services

We are moving from a Web of documents to a Web of services and Web of knowledge, cloud computing. This has triggered an explosion of Facebook and LinkedIn like networks. near future will bring augmented reality, virtual worlds, real-time games and tele-presence with service orchestrations.

Massively Online

When computers were not world widely connected at that time peoples were playing games against virtual machine, one side communication. But now days you can play games online with your friends. You can conduct meetings from anywhere from world with your company members. You can chat, talk post updates, and connect with friends through social networks. So, what will be the future of online technology?

The future of the Internet will require enhanced tools like verification;

distributed algorithms, resource management algorithms as well as resource allocation and scheduling, database algorithms like content storage, update and retrieval and its consistency as well as developed search engines and the semantic Web.

Now technology has become more local, social and mobile. If you insist on predicting the demise of things, stick to extrapolating from obvious trends. We cannot exactly predict the future of online technology, it means we’ll keep trying to innovate it.

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