How to use craiglist for SEO

SEO gurus agree that creativity is the way to go if the job is to be done with precision in order to achieve the intended goal. Before the discovery of Panda algorithm and Google Penguin, people relied on unethical strategies to do Search Engine Optimization. The truth is that such means worked but only for a very short time. Of late new tactics have emerged and have proved popular with online marketers. Tactics such as guest blogging, email outreach and link reclamation have increased in popularity as shown by algorithm updates.

Apart from the above mentioned tact, SEO experts have come to appreciate the benefit of using Craig-list effectively. Many people who visit Craig-list do so in search of something. Targeting such people will prove worthwhile in increasing your site ranking. For instance, Craig-list is full of people searching for blog writers for their websites.

A wise person will offer free services and request to insert a link to their site in the author bio. A quick search for the word writer , blog content or even content writer will lead you to such websites in search for content writers. From these sites you can search for content or article writers for your web.Once you find the right writers you will be in a position to establish workable relationships with these people.

Remember SEO requires creativity otherwise it may not produce the results you may be looking for. Marketing strategies keep changing and so is with SEO strategies. Ensure that you are up to speed with what is going on.

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