Creating a LinkedIn Profile – Make your profile stand out.

We all agree that Linkedin has greatly revolutionized social media. The challenge however has been on how making yourself visible to those you wish to connect with on the site. It is a fulfilling point to connect with your target audience. Creating a profile that is clearly visible will make it easy for those wishing to connect with you to find it.

The effort should make it easier for people to connect with you as well as be able to communicate. Linkedin is the preferred social media for executives and decision makers. Today, the site has a total of 175 million active users. Considering such number of users, it is necessary to look for the best way to keep your profile actively engaged.

The following simple steps are meant to help you create not only an engaging but a visible profile. The first thing you need to do is to be clear with is your goal. What do you want to pass across to your links. Knowing the aim of joining the site will help in making your page visible to others.

After determining your goal, the second thing you need to come up with is your catchy words. These are words you intend others to easily identify you with your links. Others call them personal branding keywords.

Another point you need to consider is highlighting skills and expertise. Remember to include your work experience. If you have registered with the site, the best thing to do is to edit your profile.

Check the following options to see if they need updating; Custom URL (This is your brand statement), Headline, summary, skills and experience. After ensuring that you are visible, be committed to engaging your targets. If you don’t do this , then your effort may not bring results.

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