Paid Search Strategies

The paid search strategies course is divided into eight sections which cover the basics of PPC.These basics include how to write better advertising copy and how to build a keyword list.The paid search strategies helps in understanding such difficult topics such a differentiating Google Match types and Ad-word extensions.Lets go through some of the eight strategies.
Section one – Introduction to PPC.

In the introduction to PPC you get to learn how to increase the profit made from such PPC.

Section two – Understanding PPC basics.

Every day the Google site and other search engines are visited by millions of people searching different topics.There is therefore need to understand the techniques and methodologies that can be used to benefit from this trend.Understanding these techniques will help you;
• To effectively optimize the PPC strategy
• To learn about how to avoid your competitors’ mistakes while at the same time benefiting from their research strategy.
• Know how to build your personal keyword database which you can use for your own personal benefit.
• Gain better ideas on how to write a good advisory copy.

Section three:
Be able to learn about how to effectively maximize PPC.You get to learn the effective use of contextual campaigns.You also get introduced to PPC providers capable of increasing contextual traffic.Learn the best ways to create budget caps.

Section four:
Gain insight on how to effectively use Ad-word Editor to your advantage.You also get enlightened on how to adjust the Ad word settings.

Section five:
• Gain great insight on how to succeed in using campaign setting.
• They include the daily budget and Geo-targeting.
• Understand different Google Match types and how to combine these types to work well in your campaign.

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