How to Market Online using Facebook Page

Online Marketing Using Facebook Page

Facebook as the top social media platform has all the features to help you grow your online business.  Specially if you have a e-commerce site that has products to sell online then you can take advantage of Facebook pages in so many ways. You can think of your facebook page as the information center of your original website. As a social media platform Facebook has the highest number of real life users from around the world. You can market a product under any niche using facebook page.

People who like your page can be counted as a valued subscriber or otherwise a prospect of yours. It’s you who can keep them focused with your products and services. But people make some common mistakes that gives them a poor result. Today I am going to show you some strategies  to overcome mistakes and ways to attract more people while using facebook page.


 Include Your Business Location in the About Section of your Facebook Page

how to market online using facebook page

It’s very important to Map your business location in the About section of Facebook page. It not only adds credibility to your business but also provide users a way to contact physically with your store. If your business is solely online based and you have no physical outlets to sell your products, you can give link to your web store and at the same time can share the office address from where you are operating your business online.


Avoid Posting plain texts with links/Use Image with your Posts


Always upload relevant picture with your wall posts even you have shared a link with it. This will draw the attraction of your audience. Always remember you are representing your posts to your followers news feed and you can easily draw their attention with a picture related to your post. People watch first and they see what’s inside.


Monitor your Facebook Page Audience


It is crucial to monitor the performance of your wall posts. Facebook Page has built in Analytic system that will allow you to have a clear idea of user interaction with your page. You will be able to see how many unique people saw your post organically and virally. And there is always ways to convince your viewers to share the post with their friends. This is what we called viral marketing. You will be to see the total number of friends of the people who liked your Facebook Page. You can advertize your facebook page to targeted geographic locations. This is one of the most powerful features of facebook advertizement.

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