4 Key Elements of Context in mobile targeting.

Those who have a grasp of the mobile appliance do agree that understanding how a mobile operators is key in developing a good marketing poster or ad.This however should not be viewed as an unachievable mission.With a knowledge of the simple basics on mobile application one can lodge a worthwhile marketing campaign.
The following four points if followed keenly can offer great results in your mobile marketing strategy.They can help in increasing the user engagement as well as campaign performance.Lets have a look at each point;


The location of the mobile user is very vital in conducting a mobile marketing campaign.It is believed that sixty eight percent of all smart phone users do their business out of home.The user’s location is very important since a marketer will have an idea of what kind of business to advertise or which is the best method to use while marketing his wares or services.Location is important because it is easy to get products sold as opposed to targeting people who are already in the home.


Although location is key in online mobile marketing,the timing matters a lot as well.Time will determine what context to send to your target audience.For instance say you wish to market a particular kind of food.A fast food restaurant will find it easy to market breakfast related food stuff in the morning hour than at any other time of the day.What business do I have in receiving ads on breakfast when its past two in the afternoon?


Location and timing cannot be avoided if you wish to have a result oriented mobile marketing campaign. But what you are marketing will play a role in determining how you go about this matter.


It may not sound as a factor but being cautious of the weather condition can greatly contribute to your marketing strategy. It is said that many people do their purchasing based on the weather patterns.

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