Link audit : How to go about it.

If you are waiting for the penguin update to audit your link, you may be too late. Waiting until when you are pushed to do this may not be the best thing to do. Why should you wait until you are buzzed an unnatural link’s warning in your Inbox? To be on the safe ground, it is always a good idea to to your audit earlier before the penguin updates arrive.

If you have no idea, having a constant audit on your link is the first thing you should ensure happens on your site if you have a serious digital marketing plan. The main reason for ensuring that your link is free from penalties is to ensure that your link is in a place to attract the greatest traffic possible. Link building has the ability to boost your web ranking as well as drive traffic to your site.

Maybe the following points may be of help to those desiring to get the best from their site.

• If the primary objective is to recover from a penalty, one needs to focus on GWT and those areas that fall outside of the webmaster guidelines, aka “link schemes.”

• If developing a program for a new website, the data will be used to find opportunities.

• If there is a competitor outranking us, we’ll use the data to neutralize their competitive advantages and to find opportunities.
How do you know which links to remove when you get an “unnatural links” message?

For competitive purposes, having access to Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytic is nice, but not necessarily a deal breaker. If you’re looking to recover from a penalty, then access to GWT & GA is mandatory. Clients have the option to give limited administrative access to a third party.

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