3 Strategies to do Successful Affiliate Marketing

Making Money Online is no big deal if you are an affiliate marketer. It’s true that super affiliates make a lot of money by selling their affiliate products and many has taken affiliate marketing as a full time profession. But the question is how they do affiliate marketing and make a lot of money out of these. It would not be a wise decision to leave your day job and take affiliate marketing as a full time profession once you are new in the industry. But if you start today and make a significant progress day by day you will realize when it’s time to left your day job.

In this post we are going to discuss the very basic foundation of affiliate marketing and strategies that super affiliate marketers adopt. Well let’s begin with the basic definition of affiliate marketing. Affiliate Marketing is the process of selling others products by means of your own marketing efforts. Once you can sell the products you are affiliated with you will receive a commission on each sale. The percentage of commission varies widely between products and companies. So how much money you will make depends on what program you have joined and how much commission they are willing to pay for particular product sale.

3 Affiliate Marketing Strategies

Now lets move forward to our main discussion. How to promote your affiliate products? From our experience of years we know the exact 3 strategies that show positive results no matter which product you are promoting and which niche you have.

Three Strategies to adopt as a Successful Affiliate Marketer

Strategy #1 : Content Marketing

Content Marketing can be regarded as Article Marketing. It is said that content is king. Search engines measures the value of your site on the basis of unique quality content you have. You can add images and videos in between your text contents. In order to do content marketing you must maintain a blog solely dedicated to publish posts and reviews on the product you are marketing. You must keep in mind that you are giving value to your visitors by means of your contents. If your site looks like a advertising billboard you will lose visitors’ attraction and your traffic will go down.

Strategy #2 : Email Marketing

Building a list of prospects is the most effective way to find real people around your business. Email Marketing is the only way to interact with you prospect personally. In order to run a email marketing campaign you can use Aweber, Benchmark Email or any other email Auto responder service. Offer something free(an eBook for example) to your visitors so that they get interested to subscribe to your list. Once your list will grow big you can easily send your broadcast messages to all of your valued subscribers.

Strategy #3 : Social Media Marketing

The role of social media is very crucial for online marketing. Social Media has tons of real life users and if you can attract a fraction of those users towards your business you will be able to generate easy leads. Almost all the social media platforms provide special promotion tools for business page owners. You can open social media pages for your business and promote your page to the platform users. Facebook and Youtube can be used to posts links and videos simultaneously.

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