How can I get money from Google?

Google is a multinational American company that serves IT related products and services like search engine, cloud computing, online software, advertizing solution and so on. It was founded by three Harvard graduate Eric Schmidt, Larry Page and Sergey Brin on late 90’s.

Since its inception google took a leading position in the internet world. At that time yahoo was most popular in the internet world. But soon google take its position replacing yahoo with its new and exciting feature products. From then till now google is the most popular search engine to the internet users.

The reason google take the market so quickly is that most of the google products are user friendly and people can use it for free. Thus google receives a lot of traffic from the internet and it has made them the world’s no. 1 site in terms of visitors. Google has a unique way to market products over the internet. Advertizing online has become a significant part of Google’s revenue. Each year google makes billions of dollars with its worldwide online business. There is rarely any place in the internet where we can’t find google ads. And the best thing is that google shares their revenue with their users. That is what we are going to discuss today – How can I get money from Google?

How can I get money from Google? – Is it possible?

Google is big and it has a vast series of products and services where you can join and earn money from. Google advertize business and products over the internet and you can also participate in the advertizing program as a publisher. Following are some ways that will answer your question – how can I get money from google?

  • Blogging: Blogging is the most popular medium of communication when you want to receive a vast audience and share your ideas with people around the world. Goggle offers a free blogging platform for you. It’s called Blogspot. By signing up for Blogspot you can create your own blog site. These blog sites are hosted by google and there is no hosting charge. You can fill out your blog page with your unique ideas and contents. If you receive a significant amount of traffic every day, then you can join google adsence program with your blog site. Google adsence will review your blog site and decide if it’s eligible to place google ads. Once you are approved, you are all done. Now set back and enjoy the ride. You will get the revenue each time your earning reaches a minimum threshold. Google will send you an international payment check to your mailing address. You can use the check to withdraw money in your local currency.
  • Adwords: Goggle measures the value of an advertisement with keywords. Some keywords have higher market value while other has lower. You can even place google ads with your post in different article directory sites. In that case you need to see the value and market competition of your keyword that you are going to use in your post. If you have your own personal website then you can also submit a request to join google adsence program. The process of earning will be the same as it is for blogging. Here you will earn money with PPC (Pay per Click) model.
  • Google Sites: Besides blogging you can also create your own website using the tools offered by google sites. Google site is also hosted by google and it’s free to use. You can go to and can create your own personal website. Again with google sites you can request to join google adsence program which will place ads to your website and thus give you the opportunity to earn revenue.
  • Youtube Partner Program: Youtube is another interesting video sharing site from google where you can upload your video and people from all around the world will be able to see it. You can also place ads in between your video screen and earn revenue by joining youtube partner program. Again it’s free to use Youtube and there is no charge required for hosting your videos in Youtube.

People who didn’t go through the above process do not have the idea how easily they can get money from google by doing things they love to do. All you need is dedication and patience to become successful with google revenue sharing process. If you can create quality stuffs then surely you will earn some good money from google every month, every day, even every minute.

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