Spider Web Marketing

Spider Web marketing system is an online network marketing system that was first introduced by Kimball Roundy. The model spread and gain popularity over the internet in early 2008-2009. Many emerging online social community like Sitetalk took this model as their core business strategy. But this model of network marketing has its own pros and cons. It is true that many people earned a lot of money using this technique at the same time many internet entrepreneurs lost their initial investment following this strategy.

In this post we will discuss about the pros and cons of Spider Web marketing. How this system works and who may become benefited using this network marketing strategy. But let us first define what spider web marketing actually is and how it can help you grow your business. Spider Web marketing system is a kind of marketing strategy that connects people as a chain of network. For example you own a business now you have got at least two friends or family members whom you can request to join in your business. And next they will call their friends to join in the down line and thus a chain of people will take part in your business who will receive commission for involving others’ in their down line. This sounds like MLM or Multi Level Marketing. Yes it is kind of multilevel marketing but the big difference is that in Multilevel marketing you have to join the network tree by spending some money. Spider Web marketing model claims that it is free of cost, in practice you can’t expect to get something out of nothing. As MLM itself is widely criticized there are mixed reactions among internet marketer about the effectiveness of Spider Web marketing.

Spider Web Marketing – How to get started?

Spider Web marketing is internet based. It suggests that you have to start with your presence in the World Wide Web. Then you will ask your friends to join to your down line and convey the message of your business to their friends. This will continue up to infinite. Sounds great, doesn’t it? But real big business can not actually grow like this. If you have a plan to launch a blog of your own to sell your own products or to advertize on your wall then this model is good to give you an initial thrust, but this will take you a long way. As marketers in your spider network are not getting anything for what they are doing, they won’t stay long in this business. And there are possibilities of breaking the chain.

Unlike affiliate marketing where people get commission from what they sell, multilevel marketing encourage users to join in the business by making an investment which actually pays their up line commission. So instead of focusing on the main business it turns marketers engaged into the network building. And if it’s done online then there is a possible chance of building network with fake users. Many web based MLM company like Sitetalk has struggled with this problem. To say in a word Spider Web marketing is too good to be true.

Spider Web Marketing – Is it a scam?

If you roll around the internet searching for this topic you will see many of them are telling directly that it’s a scam. It’s probably because they have tried this for them and failed to achieve success or they simply don’t want to believe anything about Spider Web marketing. However anything you can find over the internet can be a scam. It depends on you where you are going to invest your time and money. It won’t make you happy if you get nothing out of your effort.

I would say this can give you an initial trust for your new online business if you do it with your family and friends. But it can’t be your only marketing strategy to make your business successful. There are so many marketing models and tools out there. So why should you confine yourself to a single model? This model has many drawbacks and it is true in case of big business this model will not become successful. Simply as because you can’t always pay your down line members while they are doing nothing for you.

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