What is Search Engine Ranking?

Search engine ranking is a process adopt by every major search engine provider to rank a site on the web. In order to know what is search engine ranking, we first need to know how a search engine works. All the major search engines like google, yahoo, bing are crawler based; an algorithm that describes the relevancy of a website to appear in a search result for a particular keyword. So how search engine determines which page is more significant and which one is less? The answer to this question lies in what is search engine ranking and how search engine does it. As mentioned earlier crawler an algorithm with a particular set of instructions look for webpages containing the keywords that user put in the search box. It first looks for those webpages which has that particular keyword in their title and also in the content. This is one process of ranking a page that almost all the search engine does. This process is known as the frequency/location method. The more frequent a keyword in a webpage, the higher the page rank of that webpage will be for that particular keyword. But this is not true if the page is over optimized with keywords; means if a web page has more than 100 keywords that page will be excluded from the search result or may be un-indexed from the search engine. Another important factor that crawler looks for is that how a website is inter-related with links in the web. If a website has sufficient back-links on other webpages and that produce a regular traffic to the destination website, it will receive higher page rank by search engine providers.

What is Search Engine Ranking? – Ways to Achieve High PR

PR means Page Rank in the world of internet marketing. High PR is so important because it determines the business opportunity of a particular website. There are two major Page Rank providers in the internet to rank webpages with their weight. One is Google Page Rank Checker and the other is Alexa. Google Page Rank service used to rank a page on a scale of 10. A webpage may be ranked from 0 to 10 out of 10 based on it’s quality, contents and interactions with visitors. Alexa is a part of Amazon web service and the page ranking system provided by Alexa is little bit different from google PR Checking. Alexa ranks web pages as 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc. A web page has an Alexa rank of 100 means it is the 100th most visited website in the world. Our main focus in this section is on what is search engine ranking and how to achieve better ranking. In order to be found in search result, a website must be indexed in major search engine like google, yahoo, bing. Indexing is known as the process of submitting your site into major search engines to take part in the crawling process while searched with particular keywords. While building your website you should include keywords in the main content inside the html tags and in the title as well. Do not use keywords excessively as it may be considered as over optimization of webpages and can be ignored by the crawler as a result. Create back-links of your page on various sites related to the topics of your site. It may generate additional traffic which will increase your page rank. The process of building webpages compatible with search engine algorithms is known as search engine optimization or shortly SEO. It is essential to do the SEO for a website to gain high page rank. Search engine displays webpages with higher page rank for a particular search result. And if a webpage is displayed in the first page of search results, it incredibly increases the traffic for that webpage. So it is very important for all website owners to learn what is search engine ranking and how to deal with it for better business opportunities online.

What is Search Engine Ranking? – Getting Help from Professionals

Although there are millions of websites in the internet, many of them are not successful with business because of low quality content and lower page rank. In order to spread out your business over the internet you need to gain a higher page rank and that can only be done with quality content and sufficient flow of traffic. If you do not know what is search engine ranking, yet thinking to start a business online, then you can seek help from professionals. Now-a-days there are many good webmasters who can deliver professional help and they are waiting in the outsourcing marketplace like oDesk to work for you.

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