GetRespone Smiles about growth and innovation

GetResponse is a foremost email marketing provider just hinted on their plans for expansion on their marketing structure.

“With our new logo, it is more like a finale for us,” stated Simon Grabowski, founder and CEO of GetResponse. “Throughout the previous year, our clients have recognized the various improvements that we have revealed. With the new logo, we are performing a small bow before moving forward into an even more thrilling phase of change and growth.”

GetResponse features a number of innovations for all their clients. It includes Social Sharing, Email Creator, Inbox Preview, Email Creator, Email Intelligence and RSS-to-Email.

You will surely anticipate GetResponse to carry out in driving new business with the announcement of their well-liked 30-day free trial offer and it no longer requires a credit card. It allows interested clients to try the wide variety of features in the online platform. When it comes to the planned innovations, do not anticipate a modification on the “World’s Easiest Email marketing” concept. Instead, you have to watch out for quick improvements as a response to the constantly changing marketing practices. You will look forward for GetResponse to carry leading roles in determining the direction of online marketing in the coming years.

GetResponse which is the main product of Implix, showcases a standard deliverability rating of about 99.5% that was attained through maintenance of the best industry practices as well as working hand in hand with chief ISPs and industry associations in order to create or develop superior quality email delivery technology for their client base.

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