Windward Releases New Software internship Program

Windward which is the sponsor of the International Collegiate Programming Championship just publicized the launch of a fresh school year internship program. The objective of the program is to assist talented software engineers in getting a good start when applying for the summer internships as well as to propel them to profitable software engineering jobs in the future.

The Windward program covers a wide range of opportunities for students studying computer science who interns for the document generation, reporting as well as business intelligence software leader. The interns will learn a fresh technology, software and framework as well as acquire a better understanding of other departments such as sales and marketing. They can even challenge themselves by moving out to other tasks that are unknown to them. In doing so, they will gain a feel if the start-up world is suitable for them.

Windward provides enterprise reporting, business intelligence, document generation and web-based business intelligent solutions. It was established back in 2002, Windward is the sole completely featured, vibrant Java and .NET engine to make use of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel as a layout tool, thus placing the template design as well as the report and document generation feature on the hands of the user. Any of the Office users can easily and safely generate reports and documents without requiring a learning curve. In addition, OEMs as well as VARs make use of Windward’s reporting element.

Windward user groups covers up to 70 countries. The user application includes inventory reports, financial statements, purchase orders, invoices, timesheets, training certificates and licenses.

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