Qwica Interactive Allows park Benches to inform And Engage

Almost half of the mobile phone users in North America have smartphones and that number is constantly increasing. Qwica Interactive which is a Canadian tech start-up is financing on the increasing inclination of flawless detail gathering accumulating smartphones as well as barcodes that can be scanned that is known as QR codes.

The qwica system makes simple the generation as well as the management of web pages that are mobile optimized for their client base as well as providing complete solutions suitable for long term basis as well as outdoor applications.

There are also other applications for the qwica service, it includes business or product information. With the qwica code present in a business card, a business or company can supply its overview as well as contact details, while being in line with the latest on mobile technology as well as meeting with potential clients in a different level. With a product label, it can lead potential customers to information that is interactive at the point of sale and to engage them with content specifically designed for their devices. A single advertisement can carry on the conversation exactly once the interest was sparked.

Qwica interactive deals with the set-up as well as the maintenance of web pages. It allows clients to make mobile information accessible when it is needed, without complicated redesigns on their own websites.

Qwica interactive is Canadian online service supplier that focuses on simplifying the generation as well as the management of web pages that were mobile-optimized from smartphones utilizing QR codes that can be scanned.

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