Five Things You Didn’t Know Your Smartphone Can Do

There are so many things that you can do with your android Smartphone, sometimes you expect it to drive the car for you or attend a meeting instead of you. Though it is not possible but at least it can start the car for you. Most of the people using Smartphone perform a handful of work through it. Some of them are techno geniuses while some are just okay with it. But many of you don’t know some amazing features that your Smartphone can perform. At some point you can think that it is impossible. But here is some crazy stuff that you can do with your phone:
A Wi-Fi hotspot: You can use your Smartphone as a network for internet connection via Wi-Fi. Then you can use enjoy internet on your laptop, desktop or iPad. A few apps like USB Tethering Lite, Wi-Fi hotspot and FoxFi are able to make your Smartphone a Wi-Fi hotspot. You can also do it without any app going throough the phone settings. You have to first go to the settings, then tethering and hotspot and enable the hotspot feature.
Start Your Car: As I was saying earlier, you can start your own car using your iPhone or Android. Also you can lock or unlock or do any virtual stuff making your Smartphone a key remote. There are quite a few apps right now to perform this, but right now Viper SmartStart is the best of all.
Measure Your Heart Condition: What it would be like if you don’t have to go to a hospital and pay an expensive visit to the doctor anymore. Sitting at home, you can monitor and check your heart health with your Smartphone. Yes, there is an app for this.
The AliveCor Heart Monitor sits on your finger or chest and turns in to a ECG machine. It will convert your electrical impulses of the body in to ECG graph which can be observed as it is printable. This app along with AliveECG app will show whether your heart condition is fine or not.
Screenshot: You are not always using social media network at home. While you are on a bus, train, eating outside or hanging out with friends or even at classroom attending class; you seem to be browsing Facebook or twitter or Google+. Sometimes your friends post some hilarious stuff that you want to hold on to so that you can watch it later and laughing your heart out. Well, you can capture or take a screenshot of something like that with your Smartphone. For iPhone, there is Sleep/Wake Button; and for android, you just have to hold both power and volume down keys at the same time.
Measurement of a Moving Object: using your Smartphone, you can detect the measure of speed of a moving object. Your friend claims that he can run way faster than any one of you. Then use your Speed Gun or Smart Distance app to get the timing of his/her running.

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