Google’s Top 5 Future R&D Projects

Apart from being the largest technology invented company, what makes it so different from any other similar firm is their thrust for innovation. They are never satisfied with what they do; rather their motivation for taking the technology in to a whole new level has led them to be the torch bearer in this sector. Each and every day Google is introducing innovative products, developing software of next generation and even making a significant mark in the hardware industry. The most powerful factor about Google is that they always come up with something exceptional that other might not even be able to think of. So here are some of their upcoming technology based projects that are waiting to be executed, blow up your mind and dazzle your eyes:

Google Driverless Cars: Software named Google Chauffer is boosting Google for initiating such project that involves innovating technology for self driving cars. This project has been led by a Google engineer named Sebastian Thrun. These autonomous cars will not only be the means of transportation but also will have the ability to solve complex engineering problems if they are given required data. So think of a day when you are waiting on a street for a cab and an empty car just stops right in front of you and take you to your destination!

Google’s Space Elevators: Yes, Google is looking so far ahead when you will not need rocket or spaceship to travel to space. They have already been issued the patent for this ambitious technology. Space elevators coming from the Google X agenda project, will use carbon-nano tubes to make a ribbon from here to outer space that will make possible for people to get easy access to space.

Google’s New Drugs: Google is looking for remedy of diseases that hold severe threat to people. They are enthusiastic in investing on new researches and drugs that will have a new way of find and fight disease. At present, Google’s another company called iPierian is using ‘Cellular Programming’ technology with a view to inventing such drugs that will attack the diseases by modifying before they come in to touch of human bodies.

Google’s Climate Change Insurance: It is no wonder that being the largest and the most influential technological company, Google is pursuing social responsibilities towards the society. Using Google Venture, it is initiating to invest in the Climate Corporation which intends to sell weather and climate change insurance to the farmers so that they can be protected from unpredictable sudden weather change and natural disasters.

Google’s Predicting the Future: Google is engaging themselves in achieving what others may think impossible. They want to predict the future and what is going to happen at different sectors. Google has invested in their Recorded Future Company that goes through the procedure of modeling, data extraction and prediction using the Google Cloud and Open Source. They will seek for all the information available online and analyze it to know what’s going to happen in the future.

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