Pros & Cons of iCloud

iPhone is the most sophisticated and famous Smartphone of all around the world, so are iPad and iPod touch. Coming from the Apple Inc., it has become the first choice among the people because of its distinctiveness, highest service quality and greatest taste & design. It is also highly admired for its power and settings for protecting personal invasion of stuff stored in the phone. But after the most recent shocking incident regarding the intimate photo leak of celebrities from the iCloud, questions has been starting to raise about the safety arrangement that iCloud offers to its users. Several ways have been guessed since then that how the hackers get access to all the personal information; but the fact is that these has been exposed anyhow. Without going to judge about whom to blame, let’s see some advantages & disadvantages of using iCloud.
At first we should know what iCloud is. iCloud is computing system as well as a cloud storage method provided by the Apple Inc. it had been launched on October in 2011. And till July 2013, 320 million people use it to store. This particular service allows all the iCloud users to store different kinds of files like music, documents, iOS applications and many other things.
 The most amazing thing about iCloud is its convenience. With just the touch of our fingerprints, all sorts of files are managed in to iCloud for storage easily. Wherever we are and what types of files we want to save with our iPhones, iPads & Macs; it stores properly.
 This is the most intriguing selling point for it. Like any other users, you don’t need to delete one thing for making the space for another; as you will never run out of space in iCloud. At first you will be given a 5 GB storage unit to begin with. But after that you can extend the space whenever you want and how you want it.
 You don’t have to do any synchronizing part to put your chosen item in to iCloud. Once you highlight an item and upload it to your PC, iCloud will automatically store it for you, just for $24.99 per year.
 With back up in iCloud, you never have to be afraid of losing your important documents and favorite music. Losing any of it from your device, you will still be able to retrieve it from iCloud.

 As you may guess it right now based on the current incident that has taken place quite recently, safety is a major issue using iCloud. It has been rumored that a script with proof of concept Python developed by HackApp had been travelling online for a few days just before the celebrity photo leak. So how can you feel safe while a celebrity security is not ensured in there?
 There is always something and there will be what you don’t want to share with anyone. So it is a bit of an ‘itching’ factor that the most powerful & famous corporation has the access to all of your storage.
 In a theory, you might think that you are paying twice for a single file. Like you are downloading a song from iTunes for a certain amount and then again you have to pay for keeping it stored in iCloud. So it is a factor that bothers all the iCloud users.

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