Atlanta Vision Institute Launches Responsive Web Design

After realizing the prevalence of mobile web browsing, Dr. Ashraf, Atlanta Vision Institute medical director employed Hughes Media which is a digital agency to create a responsible web design for the Atlanta Vision Institute. With a responsive website, it simply implies a website that can adapt to the width of the browser on any given device such as laptops, tablets or mobile phones. The aim of this clever layout is that users do have to pinch the screen or roll down on the sides just to view the website they are checking out.

“I have read that over 40 million individuals browse through the Internet using their phones on a daily basis in the U.S.” said Dr. Ashraf. “Having a responsive web design is the choice to conveniently reach these millions of mobile browsers.” The responsive web design was generated by Hughes Media, which is a digital agency based in Atlanta that carries out social media, search engine optimization, digital marketing and web design. The agency has released a number of responsive websites for their client base and continues to value the significance of the responsive type of format.

Dr. Ashraf established the Atlanta Vision Institute in Atlanta and the Atlanta Vision Center situated in Dubai. As a board approved ophthalmologist, Dr. Ashraf focuses on laser vision improvement and has carried out thousands of LASIK procedures. After carrying out his fellowship preparation at John Hopkins University Medical Center, which is one of the top medical establishments in the globe, he was the Associate Professor of Ophthalmology where he educated other doctors on how to carry out surgery and microsurgery.

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