Web Design : You can avoid mistakes

Web designing provides joy of creativity.  Improving the performance of your website is often a simple matter of avoiding the mistakes that others have made. According to multiple digital marketing experts, an established website is pivotal to the success of your business. Even if you are not expert level web designer, you can easily avoid some common mistakes.

General mistakes in web designing and how to avoid them:                                                        

Mistake: Allowing outdated information to remain on the site.

Solution: If your products, services, prices, etc. have changed, make the updates immediately.

Mistake:  Font styles, Serif fonts such as Times New Roman are more difficult to read on a computer monitor. Also, text that is too small is hard to read.

Solution: Use non-serif fonts such as Arial, Verdana or MS Sans Serif for web pages that will be read online.

Mistake: Dead-end pages.

Solution: Every page on your website should have a link back to your main page.

Mistake: Flashing images, scrolling text and blinking buttons. These things may have seemed clever and high-tech when first introduced, but now they are simply annoying.

Solution: Dump them in favor of graphics that enhance your site usability.

Mistake: Websites that have the navigation in different places throughout the site. It looks cluttered and unprofessional.

Solution:  Be consistent and be organized in your websites layout. Make sure all your web pages look the same and the websites navigation is in the same location on each page.


You can avoid your mistakes


Do this practically:

  • Can the website be viewed in different environments?
  • Is the design layout consistent in all browsers?
  • Can the website be viewed in different settings such as Images turned off, JavaScript turned off, etc?

General things you should take care of:

  • Background music can be a right pain, if you wish to include music on your website, then you should leave it to the visitor to decide whether they want to play it or not.


  • Seeing a blank box with a small red cross in the corner will grate on your visitors giving them the impression that the site doesn’t work properly. Make sure you upload images properly.


  • Do not choose a domain name until you have done some initial planning. Avoid choosing a domain name that appeal to you; try to select the domain name which matches with the keywords of your site.


  • Design revolves around your business needs, which it can’t successfully do without a clear understanding of your market, so you should not lack about market knowledge.


  • It’s no good when the website is created not for the user, but for the search engine instead. Keep in mind that if your site is too complicated and difficult to navigate.


  • Too much advertising is not beneficial for your site. The customer doesn’t want to waste time when looking for certain information and products.


  • Breaking the back button, it is a basic principle of website design usability. Don’t override the browser controls under any circumstance. Again, treat your users like they know what they are doing and let them keep the control.


  • Don’t compromise the vision and message of your site in exchange for a graphic design that you like.


Avoid simple mistakes and go towards expert level of professionalism in web designing, enjoy the joy of your creativity.

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Sourabh Bhunje

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