Ways to Generate Traffic to your Website

Driving traffic to your website or blog is the vital point of getting things done and doing business online. The purpose of our blogs or websites is to keep our audience acknowledged about our products or services. But this will remain a daydream until and unless you can drive traffic to your website. Driving traffic to website is the most important part of internet marketing. If people cannot find you online then what’s the purpose of your online presence? If you can manage to receive a handful amount of traffic everyday that converts then you can enjoy the fruitful advantage of internet marketing to grow your business.

There are two approaches of driving traffic to your website. One is the paid approach and the other one is getting organic traffic. You have to take both approaches into account in order to get rich traffic with popularity. But if you are limited with your budget then you can do something of your own to drive traffic to your website. Today we are going to introduce you with some cool yet strategic methods of driving traffic to your website.

The first thing you need to do after bringing your website up and running is SEO. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process of optimizing a site with search engines’ algorithm. There are two optimization process involved to make your website Search Engine friendly. They are:

  • On-page Optimization
  • Off-page Optimization

On page optimization is the process of including proper Meta tags to your website. These Meta tags help Search Engines to better categorize your website or blog. There are three major Meta tags that you must use with each of your pages or posts. They are Meta title, Meta Keywords and Meta Description. If you are using CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress then you can do it easily by yourself. There are good many SEO plug-ins out there that can be used to include the Meta tags properly.

Off page optimization includes the process of creating do-follow back-links. Back-links are links that redirects users from another website to your website. And do-follow back-links are those ones that contribute to increase the page rank of your site.

Second most important thing is to create social media pages for your site. This will include Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and Wikipedia pages. Try to make sure all of your social media pages have the same outlook with your original site. This will make it easy for visitors to quickly recognize your brand. Update your social media pages with the latest activities of your website. Put the links to each of your posts in your social media pages’ wall. Include social media sharing buttons in your website. Use plug-ins to make it work easily for you. This will help your visitors to share your posts with their friends.

Use sites like Odiogo to convert your blog posts into podcast and publish them on different podcasting sites. Podcasting is the process of delivering audio content by means of RSS feed. You can also turn your blog posts into video tutorials and can publish them on different video sharing sites like Youtube, Dailymotion, Howcast or Vimeo. You can use Go!Animate or Animoto to create cool cartoon character videos for your blogs. Convert your blog posts into PDF files and share them with PDF file sharing sites like Scribd and DocStoc. Submit the links of your post to different article directory sites like Stubleupon, Digg and Delicious. Create your own profile in different article directory sites like Squidoo, Hubpages, EzineArticles and publish your posts there with a back-link to your original post. Ask and Answer questions at Yahoo! Answers and similar websites. Include the link to your website as the resource of your answers.

Besides you can hold some contest to create visitors’ attractions. Announce your contest with list of prizes for the winners via your social media pages. This will drive huge amount of traffic to your website. Try to offer your visitors something for free (an eBook for example). Since people love free stuffs they will feel interested to visit your site. Include your site’s URL to your business card. Order some products like t-shirt, cap, coffee mug that has your brand logo and site URL inscribed on them. Distribute them to your friends and family members or the contest winners. This will help you to generate direct traffic to your website and at the same time your business name will spread.

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