Entering into World of Android Apps: Part-I

The article is for beginners who are new in the field android operating system. Most of us, instead of that all are using the android made smart phone. The Android is basically a technological platform that is provided by Google. To describe this Android in simple words it is operating system that is used in your cell phones or smart phones. The OS is acronym for operating system. The operating system is a collection of hardware as well as software. This operating system is heart of your cell phones or smart phones. Android is developed by American company it is a renowned company known as Google.

You can observe the difference in usage of this smartphones when you play games and download and use different applications from internet. This operating system plays a vital role in today’s 21 century. You can see that various tablets, smartphones have built in platform of this OS. What are features provided by this operating system are listed below.

  1. The best utility feature that you are carrying your home PC with you. You might think of humor but it’s true that you are provided with all features in your small smart phone with a great aesthetic and ergonomics design.
  2. The best features that are provide by this operating system are you can send email, watch videos, play games as well chat with your friends using various application that are available online.
  3. The android also provides the best utility feature of making different wallpaper and launchers available to all the smart phones.
  4. The best feature of downloading application of various shops and ordering your favorite food items. Including this it also provides the GUI interfaces for your cellphone that suits the better. You can add your cover photos, update your RSS feeds of website, Postyour blogs on social Media like Facebook, Twitter etc.
  5. The feature of Data recovery. When you purchase a android platform based cell phone. The Google creates a account as well as saves you’re all vital information in case of you lose your cellphone all information will be available on purchasing a new cell phone that is android based. This entire process of storing and retrieving of information is technically called as syncing.

Entering into world of android apps


Now let us see the applications that are made available by Android.

The Google store or evenly called as market of application. This is a place where there are different wards. You can see Google play store. This is a place from where you can download your favorite game from many. This is a huge collection where you can see lot of games from which you can select your favorite game and download and play the game offline. Including this there are music players, camera applications. The variety is provided at single store. You can enjoy this application for daily chorus for clicking you selfie as well downloading latest chartbuster in your android phone. The android phone has become a need of an hour. One can’t stay without use of this phone. It is a roll coaster when you use it for daily purpose. Lets us see in next article how to download the applications.

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