Software Quality Assurance

This article is all about how important is this phase of delivering the finished software or product. In this article we will observe that how vital it is to maintain the quality of developed software even after certain time period. The main goal or perspective while developing software is that you need to keep the requirement of customer. Keep in mind SRS (Software Requirement Specification) and then start developing the software product. It is very essential you take the guidance of experts from particular field. It is very necessary you define the quality of software you develop. Keep in mind the quality should be better.

Every program has certain output. We can find that the desired output is achieved. The proper definition for quality is that it conformance to explicitly stated function and performs the specific function. While developing certain product it is very vital that Back of quality is lack to your performance as well for conformance. The software you are delivering is that which retain the property. There are certain models that can be implemented to measure the quality of developed product. The software quality differs accordingly.


Software Quality Assurance


The models are described below:

  1. McCall’s quality factors.
  2. Six sigma model of performance.
  3. ISO standards for quality


McCall’s Quality factors are described below.

It is factor that affects the software quality you have developed at your Centre. You can measure factors that affect directly or indirectly. The factors can be measured directly by using testing and indirectly by using usability or maintainability. The various factors that can be taken into consideration are correctness, reliability, efficiency, integrity, flexibility, portability, testability, reusability, interoperability, usability.

We will discuss each and every factor in detail.

Reliability: it is factor that helps to find out that you get a desired output for a specific input. The reliability is dependent on the output that is displayed to the user. It decides the way it is useful for the user. Reliability is entirely dependent on it.

Correctness: the desired output satisfies the customer satisfaction .The high tolerance and correctness is very important while you are developing the software.

Portability: It is the way to transfer the software from one hardware to hardware. It is very vital that you deliver the best product to the customer so that it satisfies the want of customer.

Integrity: It is a way how are you can keep your data. The unauthorized access is denied. It is security measure that helps to ensure that your data is safe and you can make available to the authorized user.

Reusability: It is a process of using the software when you need it. It is very important feature that helps to save resources like time and money.

Interoperability: It is the process of coupling of one system to another. This helps to increase efficiency as well effectiveness of developed software which you have developed. The performance of the software is dependent on the quality of software.

If you are developing software it is very essential that you follow this models and implement in practical approach. We will see the two factors in detail in the next article of quality control.

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