Web based Start-up Bloghands.com Provides A Post-Penguin Blog Writing Service

At the start of 2012, a number of SEO consultants and marketers as well as website owners are eager about the updates of Google, especially the one known as Penguin. The changes on the algorithm that were executed by Google were expected to be a big change in the world of SEO. While the algorithms were released to prevent spam websites, a lot of businesses were affected. At the present, a lot of website owners are striving to get back on their feet as well as gain back their former rankings.

The updates on the algorithm that was released by Google early in 2012 were specifically designed to backlist all the spam websites. Nevertheless, the updates such as Penguin and Panda affected more than just the spam websites. In reality, bloggers, online business owners, marketers and SEO consultants noticed deprived rankings as well as diminishing traffic since the release of the updates.

Even though the updates by Google have greatly affected a lot of website owners, others are starting to see this as an affirmative transformation for the future. Bloghands.com is considered as an inventive website that was designed and created to provide distinct solutions for search engine optimization.

Bloghands.com was released back in April 2012 with the objective of providing customized strategies for each blog or business owner. As a distinct blogging service, Bloghands.com offers optimized blog post and writing for individuals who are under a budget. With a team of experienced and skilled US writers and accommodating staff, they will cater to all the needs of every blogger and business owners.

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