Social Media Marketing Agency, fishbat, Inc, Comments on Consumer Anticipation And Loyalty Surrounding Release of iPhone 5

Fishbat, Inc, which is a social media marketing firm, just released a video press release that features interviews with actual consumers who are waiting to purchase the Apple iPhone 5 in the center of Manhattan.

With the throng of people awaiting the availability of the latest iPhone, Scott Darrohn, COO of fishbat went to Apple’s main store on the Fifth Avenue situated in Manhattan just to discuss with the consumers who are eager to make their purchase. Those who were interviewed, many of them cited faithfulness and tradition as their main reason for waiting in line at the store. They claim that they have bought every version of the phone and they do not want to miss out the exact experience with the iPhone 5.

For others, the reasons they cited for buying the latest phone is for the features and specifications it has to offer such as the screen size, speed, bandwidth and the 4G LTE network. Of course, the sales records for the phone throughout its release weekend fell somewhat short of what the majority predicted, reaching at around five million models in just three days. There was a short of the expected six up to ten million that Apple has expected.

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