Serpico Goes Live, Gives Backlink Insights to SEO Professionals

Serpico which is basically a SaaS tool for SEO professionals goes live and currently available online. Serpico provides professional SEO software ideal for management of backlink campaign by centering both on the backlink profile of the website as well as the competition. Serpico examines the backlinks included in the top ranking SERPs and “engineers in a reverse manner” this information, giving insights on the backlinking tactics. The information can be utilized in helping expand off-site optimization endeavors.

“We combined 10 years of industry knowledge into a SEO software that functions as an x-ray device on search results,” stated co-founder Ben Swartz. “Possibly even more persuasive, it gives x-ray visualization into the backlink profile of the competition which will disclose their marketing tactics as well as the goals of the company,” he added.

The SEO tools of Serpico are set-up to accommodate all kinds of search marketing professionals. There are programs accessible for starting marketers in search for a way to make wise Internet decisions and even for the experienced SEO professionals. Serpico is specially designed to aid SEO consultants, in-house marketers, link-builders and many more.

Serpico was established in 2012 and is basically SEO software created by SEO professionals in order to comply with the increasing demands of SEO experts. It is the business standard for optimizing the online presence of a particular website. Serpico provides complete backlink intelligence in the market, enabling enhanced traffic, visibility and conversion. The tools examine the backlink profiles of high ranking SERPs and reverse engineer the data, providing a complete view of the backlink tactics that function best.

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