SEO with Google Guideline

SEO with Google guideline

SEO is the acronym of Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Optimizer. It’s a major term in the world of internet marketing and an indispensable part of your successful online business. A whole new e-commerce industry has grown over the last few decades and now it has become a vital part of every major industry. Online sales not only increased the business opportunity for multibillion dollar companies but also it has created new business opportunities for small entrepreneurs. Today we are going to discuss on SEO with Google guideline and how our online business or e-commerce site can get benefitted out of it.

Why SEO with Google guideline?

Since Google is the number one search engine provider in the whole world and almost billions of internet users use google everyday to find out their desired information out of the internet, we will take google SEO optimization tactics into consideration. Search Engine Optimization or SEO helps your website to be displayed in search results when searched with particular keywords. If you can do a better SEO for your website that will rank your website on the top of the search results and at the same time you will receive an enormous amount of traffic. And if you can convert a fraction of this traffic into customers then there are possibilities of generating big revenues.

SEO with Google guideline – Key factors you should consider

There are three categories of guidelines that you should consider while you are going to optimize your site with Google Webmaster Guideline. These are:

  • Design & Content Guidelines
  • Technical Guidelines
  • Quality Guidelines

If you are going to hire someone to outsource the SEO task for your web pages make sure the contractor is acknowledged about the above guidelines and knows how to implement them. A good SEO can increase the reputation of your site. On the contrary an unprofessional SEO can damage your site’s reputation.

Design and Content Guidelines

  • Create a sitemap for your site and submit it to Google Webmaster Tool. This will help Google Crawler (also known as Googlebot) to better understand the structure of your site.
  • Make sure your site has a clear hierarchy with text links. Ensure that every page of your site is reachable from the navigation menu. It is better if you keep the sitemap visible to your audience as it will help them to easily navigate to the important part of your website.
  • Try to include the keywords associated with your business in the text contents of your site. Keep your website updated with rich, informative text contents. In case of Image contents use the “ALT” attribute to describe the content. Make sure your meta tags contain the right keywords.

Technical Guidelines

  • Make sure that Googlebot can crawl your site without any interruption. Enable the If-Modified-Since HTTP header from your web server. This feature tells google about the recent modification of  your site and saves your bandwidth and overhead.
  • Be careful about the fact that advertisements are not affecting your search engine ranking. Advertizing text and double-click links are automatically blocked from being crawled by robots.txt file. So having to many ads on your site can affect its search engine ranking.
  • Use robot.txt for the search result pages and other auto generated pages of your website that doesn’t need to be crawled by the search engine.
  • Test your site with different browsers to make sure it’s working well with all the major browsers.
  • Monitor your sites loading time and performance. Do not use rich media contents like flash documents at the homepage of your site simply because Googlebot cannot crawl flash documents.

Quality Guidelines

  • According to Google’s latest Panda and Penguin algorithm a site with copied content will receive negative feedback. The content published and indexed for the first time will be considered as the original one.
  • Using black hat process and searching for loopholes will threaten your site in the long run. Once Google’s algorithm will realize that you are using unethical process to gain better ranking your site will be immediately un-indexed from the system. On the other hand if you follow the organic process you will enjoy better search engine ranking in the long run.

It is good to know that Google AdSense Program is completely apart from its organic Search Results. Google doesn’t take any money for ranking sites with organic results. The Ad links are displayed with separated segment and it doesn’t facilitate the sites’ organic ranking.

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