Google Places Optimization tips for your Business

There is a famous business quote by Mark Twain “Whenever you find yourself on the side of majority, it is time to pause and reflect.” Does it make any sense for your own business? You are not the only person doing a particular business but you have many more competitors out there. You have to thrive with your qualities and exceptionalities in order to surpass them all. It’s only possible when you have the right mentor to guide you throughout the way. Our modest journey is to empower you with the tools around you and ensure the use of your full potential either you are a business person or from any other profession.

Today we are going to discuss on a very serious issue that can create lots of impact on you and your business. The uses of mobile devices and smart phones have increased rapidly over last few years. Now we use to search almost anything using these mobile devices with the aid of search engines like Google. Study by ComScore showed that every month almost three billions of the searches includes local terms by the users. This is surely great news for local business owners like you. If you can properly integrate your business location with the Google Places Optimization tool then there is a great possibility of getting quality traffic and prospective customers.

Google Places Optimization tips for your Business – How it works?

Suppose someone from Paris decided to visit San Francisco, California on their vacation. Now he/she put a query with Google using the keyword “Hotels & Resorts in San Francisco.” Definitely they will get some results out of their search and obviously they will choose one of them for online booking. So you can easily realize why it’s important to optimize your business with Google Places. It’s not an option rather it’s a must do for today’s business.

Google Places Optimization tips for your Business – Step by Step Process

It is high time you should open your Google Places page for your business today. The first thing you need to do is to maintain consistency. Your business may have listed in other directory sites and yellow pages. Use the exact same information in your Google Places profile that you have used in your official website and other social media pages. Make sure that you filled all the fields with sufficient information either it’s required or not.

Make use of Google Analytics to find out the relevant keywords for your business that visitors use most frequently. You can also include additional elements into your Google Places profile like Youtube videos, Panoramio or Flickr pictures to foster your presence. Make sure that the file name also contains the keywords.

Marking your business with Google Places gives you an entity in Google Maps and your customer can review your products or services. Moderate customers’ feedback and try to reflect customers’ requirements with constant improvements.

Integrate Google Maps API to the contact page of your website. This will help visitors to easily locate your business place.

If you can follow the above instructions and can optimize your business with Google Places accordingly you will see positive results soon. Google Places Optimization tools will redirect more traffic to your business website and will also create a higher conversion rate. Always remember the more satisfied customers you have, the more significant your business is.

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