SEO Strategies for FBO [Facebook Page Optimization]

Social media marketing is in unlimited use for promoting business, Facebook is being used by peoples to create a better “second home page” for websites of their businesses. By using power of social networking it can help you to connect to people, as well as SEO can make it so your page is visible to millions of users. Facebook created opportunities that will benefit the owners of Facebook pages.





1. Name your FB page greatly; don’t ever think to change it.

Firstly, if you are new, then go to “Create a Page” link and then choose your Facebook page type, now you can go forward! If you want that, you users should share your updates through their news feeds and groups then give preference to user’s choice, name your page accordingly. Don’t stuff with keywords. Try to use you real business names. Don’t use high value generic keywords in your page titles.

2. Select the best URL for your Facebook page

You can choose URL for your Facebook page as :, so this is great SEO opportunity to set URL and drive traffic. Choose your username which efficiently represents your business or brand. If once username picked, you can’t change it, so think accordingly!


3. Fill up “About” text box by placing some keywords on top of your page

You can put custom text related to your business, on “About” text box, which is under the page profile picture. Try to convey your message to your customers, from top of the page only. Concentrate on how you can grow your Facebook page.

4. Use the “Info” tab for your advantage

You can input true & effective information with links in Info Tab. You can provide: Websites, Location Info, and Company Info. Make efficient use of customized landing pages, with enhanced graphics. Utilize Information Space of your page.

5. Post links in your page status

You can just enter textual link, Facebook will convert it into link, or you can also attach direct links to your business sites. Use “Find us on Facebook” button in your websites. Create inbound links. Include ‘Suggest Your Friends’ option while designing custom tabs for your Facebook page. Include keywords in your post. When it comes to SEO, interaction between your business and your fans should happen on your Facebook pages. Keep engage your page members with your business activities.

6. Include description while uploading photos or creating events

If you are adding photos on page, write photo description with keywords & also tag relevant peoples. When posting the page events, use text and keywords in the event description field. You can also create discussion forum through static HTML, iFrame tabs. Share content, use actual power of facebook content sharing!! 7. Use Notes column and discussion board Use these tabs because the content of these tab is valuable as well as indexable. Give brief information of your organization, pubish public reports through notes. Invite peoples to discuss on companies views & plans.

Analyze your page data and reach through “Page Insights”. Take advantages of free promotion through ‘Start to Success’. Always keep active communication channels between your updated Facebook or twitter pages and your website to show Facebook activities on your website column.

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