On Friendship Day Weekend, Profit by Search publicizes free SEO consulting plans to recover from Penguin and Panda penalties

Over the past three months, Profit by Search has provided help to a number of website in order to recover from Google Penguin as well as Panda punishments. How can it be achieved? The answer lies in their Penguin & Panda Recovery plans where the details are provided below.

Profit by Search which is the SEO India company,  is currently providing free of charge SEO consulting packages help deal with the Penguin & Panda punishments on consumers who registered for the resource plan that is dedicated. In doing so, it stands for a $250 worth as well as the best chance to start an online marketing endeavour.

Profit by Search SEO Consulting is typically composed of a 30 minute online consultation that is interactive that covers a number of topics for Penguin recovery – Brand Stacking which refers to creating high end contextual links with the brand name and brand URL of the company, Anchor text dilution which refers to building top quality contextual back links for non-SEO keywords, Link pruning which is the identification of non-organic or spam links, deoptimization which modifies meta tags, page content and image Alt tags and PR Prism creation which involves the creation of high end PR’s that gets noticed by Google News.

Profit by Search is one of the leading providers of SEO services in India. They not only provide increased visibility for the website of the client on search engines but also deal with different technical problems faced by the website. They provide clients with distinctive content in order to prevent the website from being punished by the Google Panda as well as giving improvised methods to boost rankings and make the most of the rate of return on investment for the advertising budget as well as other services.

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