Nokia Lumia 830: The Affordable Flagship

In Berlin, Germany Microsoft has shown its latest Nokia handset Lumia 830 at the IFA trade show. It claims to provide high end performance along with a brand new mid-range phone push. It is expected from the Microsoft’s corporate vice president of mobile device sales, Chris Weber that the Lumia 830 has been revealed in order to compete with the current products of Samsung and Apple. It has brought up tremendous software improvements to its Cortana voice control technology and the camera apps as well. But its most promising part for Lumia 830 is to be charged around $434 for retail. So Microsoft has defined it the most affordable Windows handset flagship so far; yet to be available on the market. But it is hoping to be shipping later this month. Microsoft is expecting it to be a ‘big hit’ in the market, as it is described as the lightest and thinnest of all Lumia phones yet.

Being quite similar to the Lumia 930, it will be revealed in the market with four colors; black, white, green and orange. It weights 150g with a 139.4 x 70.7 x 8.5mm measurement. It comes with the polycarbonate back with the aluminum frame. Its 8.5 thick metal along with the plastic body and operating system Windows Phone 8.1; it offers certain versatile software experience.

The Lumia 830 details a 2,200mAh battery, 1GB RAM, 802.11a/b/g/n networking, 16GB of internal storage, covering the screen with Gorilla Glass 3, 15GB of OneDrive storage with three microphones. PureView is the main attraction of this affordable Nokia Set. It includes a 10 megapixel camera with a Zeiss lens and optical image stabilization for the better imaging quality. With its 1.2GHz processor and 5 inch display, the Lumia camera offers the faster pocket to pocket and shot to times with other image enhancements of experiences. Microsoft is throwing a three month free unlimited Skype subscription to show off its front camera’s quality and ability to focus. It is also offering free subscription of service to music streaming which will allow having over 30 million songs for the users. The Lumia 830 will also be shipping with its brand new Lumia Denim Update which is expected to add more value to it, as far as the customers are concerned, because Lumia Denim will support Cortana (voice controller), Live Folders and many other games and apps that are available to the Windows store.

Though its camera resolution is not good as Lumia 930 or 1020 (given the lower/affordable price), it has a unique feature to take two pictures of the same shot. One will be with the flash while the other will be without; so that if you want to adjust the brightness of the photo, you can choose somewhere between the two.

The Lumia 830 holds the shutter key on the PureView devices; which is on the lower side of the phone. It may seem uncomfortable to hold at first, but once you get used to it; it should not be any problem.

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