Moto 360

Motorola have finally released its recent most anticipated round smartwatch, the Moto 360. It will be available on the market from the early October in UK for the price of £199, September 5 in US for $250 & later in the rest of the world, while local pricing range is yet to be decided. After a little glimpse shown in March, Google’s Motorola Division has finally revealed world’s first circular smartwatch which is considered to be the champion of Android Wear in the foreseeable future. The firm claimed that this model will offer a stylish design than any other wearable gadgets launched by its rival. But just after the launching of the Moto 360, LG has announced the G Watch R with a similar shaped smartwatch. But Moto 360 is the first one you can get on the market. It has come to the market when sales of its smartphones are going on the rebound and the business is on the verge of switching its ownership to Lenovo. Though it will be an intriguing issue for the customers because of its unique shape, yet analysts are being doubtful of its being a ‘hot sell’ in the Android wear market, though this new gadget is expecting to be more fashionable and attractive looking than the previous smartwatches.

It has OMAP 3 chip which is different from 1.3GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400, founded in the LG G Watch and the Gear Live as well. With a little less weight comparing to the other smart wears, it has 512MB of RAM with an internal storage of 4GB. But what attracts the most is its 1.56 inch LCD monitor with 320X290 resolution at 205ppi that looks way different and stylish looking.

It is a waterproof smart device which is powered by Google’s new operating system ‘Android Wear’; with a view to designing for small screens along with pedometer step counter and a built in heart rate monitor. Rick Osterloh, company’s president insisted about it being an improved gadget comparing the rival’s earlier ones. As there has been a rumor about the Apple entering in to this market segment, he said, “I think Apple is going to help to grow the category.”

The look definitely will give a ‘premium’ feel to the users; a thin watch band that is used to tuck underneath, polished steel with a nice set of exclusive designed software watch faces. The Moto 360 heavily relies on voice commands; as you can expect from any other smartwatches. But Motorola pledges to offer an extra dash of processing the natural language and noise canceling microphone excellence as well. So it will understand whatever you will command whether you are in some kind of noisy place or not. It will certainly give a competitive advantage to Motorola.

This Google watch belongs to an innovative charging process. You need not to find a micro USB port or any charging contacts as it is included with a wireless ‘secret sauce’ device. So you can charge it via magnetic Qi induction.

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