Nexage Founder, Devkumar Gandhi, Launches First social Marketing Platform For Pinterest

Just recently, Dobango, Inc is officially releasing the initial real social marketing platform on Pinterest, eventually providing different brands a way to straightforwardly interact with all their customers as well as fans on the virtual pin board.

Ever since the social network was launched, brands are earnestly waiting for a method that will enable interaction with the huge and engaging audience of Pinterest. While Pinterest has not yet released any developed APIs, Dobango took one step ahead with the creation of an integrated platform that enables any brand to generate as well as manage the contests that are specially designed to reach out to the targeted audience. “We are thrilled to finally give brands with an opportunity to engage in social promotion on Pinterest,” stated Devkumar Gandhi. “We’re capable to crack the system and for the first instance, there is an effortless way to operate, manage and disseminate social movements on Pinterest.”

Dobango truly comprehends how to efficiently work on top of the platform of Pinterest. As the first marketing platform that was capable to integrate Pinterest’s API coding to instantly push pins on the brand’s contest boards, Dobango was highly successful. The user engagement details are then taken and placed on the contest landing section on the social marketing medium of Dobango. The integrated solution enables Dobango to coordinate information from actual time in Pinterest to keep track of the progress of the contest as well as inform winners of the daily prizes.

Dobango is basically a marketing and social media company. The company provides social gaming platform in casino-style games found in iPhone, Facebook, on the web and even on Android. The users can play games free of charge in order to win prizes and coupons that are sponsored by the merchants. We love to share great technology news singapore and seo.

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