Lineup Launches AdPoint Self-Service Advertising System At Archant

Lineup Systems which is the foremost supplier of online-based advertising as well as CRM systems just publicized the live release of its AdPoint Self Service for the classified advertisement at Archant which is the largest independent regional publisher in UK.

The online self-service portal of Lineup allows customers of Archant to generate, publish and even receive responses to personal as well as trade classified and even semi-display adverts. “Lineup assisted us in showcasing that Archant is a progressive and vibrant media company that responds to the constantly changing needs of our client base. The fresh advertisement portal given by the AdPoint Self-Service system proven to be highly successful and we are witnessing a direct benefit from the boost in advertisement,” stated Tony Davidson, information systems director. “Lineup is a fresh breed of partner in our field. They utilize their experience in the field and the innovation of products to hastily deliver on our business objectives. It is a win-win while our clients acquire a better user experience as well as obtaining a good return on investment.”

Lineup Systems provides top performance advertising sales tools that are specifically designed for multi-channel media companies. The joint media solutions can be hosted either online-based or cloud-based in order to help modernize the advertising operations as well as boost lucidity and increase the earnings that will be gained. The clients of Lineup Systems include the world’s biggest worldwide publisher Metro International, Time Out New York, Time Out London, Archant, Abu Dhabi Media Company and Village Voice Media Holdings. We love to share great technology news singapore and seo.


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